Rising from the streets of Brooklyn, NY, in 2009, the Ghosts of Eden ascended on the music scene with a distinctive rock sound that is constantly evolving.

The four talented members, each raised amid a different and fascinating pathway to music obsession, are passionate about two things: creating original music and bringing it to the people.

Now, as 2014 draws to a close, the Ghosts of Eden are resurrected with a crisp, contemporary new rock sound and a sharpened vision, complete with their signature unforgettable guitar riffs and thought-providing lyrics. 

Since the beginning, inspired by the top grunge and rock groups of the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s, their collaborative creations captured a loyal core audience in the New York metro area. The band’s website and Facebook presence have become headquarters for all things Ghosts.  

In a short time, the band has accomplished what some only dream of, from receiving spotlights on NME, Rockwired, Artist Direct and Pure Grain Audio, to selling out shows at New York City’s famed Gramercy Theatre and Mercury Lounge, and being invited to support sold out shows at Irving Plaza and Six Flags Great Adventure.

Jamsphere called Ghosts of Eden “A powerhouse unit that pumps vigor into every note, leaving the listener breathless.”


Meet The Ghosts Of Eden

Tom - Lead Vox/Guitars/Lyrics

Tom was born in Brooklyn, NY. When we asked him about his full name, he came back with a story about wine and the alphabet. That’s how Tom rocks — he’s a thinker, an A-1 talent, and a guy who remembers good times. As a kid, Christmas Eves were his favorite times, mainly because he was surrounded by his loving family.  

Transformation...it came for Tom in high school. He borrowed a friend's guitar, and kept it for six months. Then he kept playing, wrote his first song at 19, then joined his first band, all by the age 21.

Tom rocks out on stage, but you'd never know he actually gets nervous. But it doesn't last. He is there to transform the audience, just like that borrowed guitar transformed him.

Scary cool fact: His favorite quote: "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." – Oscar Wilde.



Born in Staten Island, NY, Rich started his musical odyssey on the piano, but it was guitar that brought his haunting talent to the Ghosts of Eden.

Transformation...Each of his siblings played a different kind of music, and Rich benefitted by absorbing it all —and it all came together in the his amazing music and artistry. Rich weaves experiences into musical memories that each fan takes away from each Ghosts of Eden performance.

You could call Rich the band historian. His focus is on people, and his passion is his music. He'd be the first to tell you that these guys were meant to play together.

Scary cool fact: Rich lives 100% each day under one guiding principle: "Tomorrow is never a promise."


Miles - Bass

Miles hails from Brooklyn, NY. As a kid, the people in his life fully embraced the music of the times. Around the house, his parents would always crank up classic rock on the stereo, filling their home and planting musical seeds into Miles’ fertile mind, thereby securing his passion for music and performing. 

Transformation...it came when Miles heard Cliff Burton play some riffs on a bass guitar. The very next week, Miles bought a bass and taught himself how to play it. Since then, he hasn't stopped playing, and the rest is pulse-pounding Ghosts of Eden history.

On stage, he's learned to handle himself cool, take what comes, and be grateful for every fan who embraces the Ghosts' music and performance zeal.    

Scary cool fact: His favorite ice cream is vanilla bean with chocolate syrup.


Benny - Drums/Keys

As a kid, Benny loved to spend time in Brain Damage Comics in Brooklyn, NY—his Dad’s shop. Nuff said? Not quite.  Somehow, that upbringing led to learning six+ instruments and musical and vocal songwriting. Benny not only has a talent and passion for versatile music, but also for people.

Transformation...Music has helped Benny battle the down times in his life, as well as achieve the pinnacles of personal achievement. It is not only his passion, but his life. 

Benny might seem quite the man on stage, but he is a lover of boxer shorts and little dogs. Go figure.

Scary cool fact: Benny is passionate about three things:  his wife, the band, and crushing you in video games (yeah, he’s hardcore)