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Ghosts of eden

Ghosts of Eden (l to r) Rich, Miles, Benny, Tom

Ghosts of Eden (l to r) Rich, Miles, Benny, Tom


Rising from the streets of Brooklyn, NY, in 2009, the Ghosts of Eden ascended on the music scene with a distinctive rock sound that is constantly evolving. The four talented members, each raised amid a different and fascinating pathway to music obsession, are passionate about two things: creating original music and bringing it to the people.

Now, as 2014 draws to a close, the Ghosts of Eden are resurrected with a crisp, contemporary new rock sound and a sharpened vision, complete with their signature unforgettable guitar riffs and thought-providing lyrics. 

Lead Vox, Guitars, Lyrics / Tom
Guitars / Rich
Bass / Miles

Drums, Keys, Backing Vox / Benny


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